MGM Junior College of Education

N-6, Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

About MGM

Mahatma Gandhi Mission a spectrum of education is a public charitable trust registered under Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 and under the Society Registration Act 1960.

The Mission was established in the year 1983 with the sole motto of promotion and elevation of technical education as well as Medical Education and Health Care in the various states of India for preparing the students to face challenges of modern Technical era. The activities of the trust are spread over at Mumbai, Nanded, Parbhani, Noida (U.P.) and Aurangabad.

Trust Mahatma Gandhi Mission has taken the motto of education for the masses as the theme of enlightening the Indian Society. 

Shri Kamalkishore N. Kadam
(Chairman MGM)

From the desk of Chairman

I firmly believe that this institution is a place where the destiny of a nation is shaped. It is therefore imperative that educational institutes besides imparting formal education bring to the forefront hidden talent of the students.
I would like to extend my best wishes to the Director, Principal, Teachers in all their endeavors.

Dr. Pandurang M. Jadhav
(Vice-Chairman MGM)

From the desk of Vice-Chairman

Our college was started with the motive of training pupil teachers to impart quality education to the coming generation so that they can become forebears of our nations prosperity.
I am happy to see that all are working hard towards making this dream come true wish every success to this excellent venture and congratulate everyone who has extended their co-operation.

Shri Ankushrao N. Kadam
(Secretary MGM)

From the desk of Secretary

Pupil teachers, the future of our country, entrusted into the hands of dedicated and caring teacher educators. The teaching faculty, therefore, should be committed to the personality development of the pupil teachers and imbibe in them the right values and strong moral character apart from excellence in academics and extra curricular activities. 
I heartily wish and hope that M.G.M.'s Junior college of education groups in all aspects and continues to render service to entire community with the same education and enthusiasm that it has shown in the past.

Mr. V.R. Suvarnkar

From the desk of Director

It is a matter of pride that highly qualified staff of our college has been churning out the would be teachers and above all the good citizens of our country since 9 years of service.
My hearty congratulation to our principal, staff and students, I also wish a pray that M.G.M.'s Junior college of education may grow from success to success and become a beacon of light to many more in the historical city of Aurangabad.

Mrs. Suvarna Bhoir

From the desk of Principal

M.G.M.'s Junior college of education Stands ahead amongst all D.Ed. college for its excellence in education. 'Rome', they say was not built in a day, neither was the story of
M.G.M. Campus there is no overnight success, behind every laurel there are years of toil and dedication. It is heartening to know that all the people working in the campus share a futuristic vision.
I present my sincere appreciation to all the staff and students for their co-operation and support.